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Activities at The Holiday Inn Resort

The Holiday Inn Resort Kid’s Activities Department sets our property apart from the rest! We believe that every guest should have the opportunity to have fun! The resort organizes activities for children ages 5-12 that include DJ games, arts & crafts, bingo, and much more. Our Under the Sea activities team also offers premium kids activities that will have an additional fee associated with participation. Activities at the Holiday Inn Resort happen all throughout the year and each season we have a unique and special schedule of fun!

See a Sample Schedule

Children's activities and programs are seasonal. Please see sample schedules for more information.

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Big Fun – Rain or Shine!

While most of the activities are done on the pool deck, select activities are held in the Under the Sea Activities Center to give the kids a break from the hot sun. This spacious Activities Center has even more great spaces for kids, and features a 180” movie screen, Xboxes, new games, new prizes, and much more!

The Under the Sea Activities Center is located on the first floor of the SeaWatch Conference and Entertainment Center

Some of the On-Site Activities at the Holiday Inn Resort

  • Family Corn Hole
  • Frisbee Tic Tac Toe
  • Water Bucket Relay
  • Water Balloon Toss
  • Face Painting
  • Color Your Art Out
  • Sand Art
  • Decorate Your Own Beach Bags
  • Water Bucket Relay
  • Freeze Dance
  • Color Your Art Out
  • Beach-side Bingo
  • Hula Hoop Games
  • Sharks & Minnows
  • Beach Limbo
  • Charades
  • Hangman
  • Hula Hoop Hopscotch
  • Musical Squares
  • Swab the Deck
  • Hands in Sand
  • Noodle Ball
  • Hot Potato Beach Ball
  • Laughing Statues

Even More Fun To Be Had At Holiday Inn Resort!

Read more about some of the most popular activities, games, and special events that take place at the resort! Please note that some of these activities require registration, so sign up early as there are limited spots available.

Splash & Friends Welcome Parade

Splash the Dolphin and his activities team will greet you each morning in the View Restaurant to help start your exciting beach day! Splash and Friends will be making their way around the resort with schedules in the morning to let you know what they have planned for you today!

Parent’s Time Out – Afternoon Adventure

Send your parents to time out by the pool and come have some fun in our activities department! Includes snack, arts & crafts, board games, Xbox, and more!

Kid’s Night Out

Join us for Pizza, Games, Arts & Crafts, Movies, Xbox, and much more! The Kid’s Night Out will begin at 6:00pm and lasts until 10:00pm.

Splash’s Happy Hour

Take a quick break from the sun and join Splash and our Activities team for an afternoon snack & dancing fun! Get to meet our mascot Splash the Dolphin. He loves pictures and meeting new friends. Snack provided while supplies last.

DJ Games

Join DJ Jim and our Activities teams for fun line dances on the pool deck! Dances like the Cha Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Chicken Dance, Electric Slide & more!

DJ Games Dance Lessons

Come learn all the fun dances with our activities team and different DJ Games with DJ Jim.

The Mid-Day Movie

Enjoy a movie on the big screen in the activities department where kids vote on movie selection!

Gulf World Education

Join us as we host some special critters from Gulf World! Kids can see and learn about live animals up close. This activity will be held in the activities department and will last approximately 30 minutes.

Swab The Deck

Relay race with a beach ball and a broom! Divided into two teams, players must sweep a beach ball around cones. They must go all the way to the end and back for the next person to take their turn. First team to have each player back wins.

Freeze Dance

Children will dance their little hearts out while the music plays. Once the music stops, everyone must freeze in whatever position they are in. If they move, then they are out. The last one left dancing is the winner.

Year-Round Activities at The Holiday Inn Resort!

We kick off our Summer Schedule each year over Memorial Day Weekend with a combination of fun Patriotic activities as well as some birthday-themed activities as we celebrated our anniversary each year on that special weekend. Then all summer long we have a ton of exciting and entertaining activities such as Family Beach Games, Arts-N-Crafts, Pirate Themed Lunches, Scavenger Hunts, Pirate playtime in Aqualand, and lots more!