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Beach Vacation Tips

Jun 1, 2022

We love family beach vacations at The Holiday Inn Resort on Panama City Beach! You get a lot of sand, sun, and the sea! But there are also sunburns, unexpected rainy weather, and sometimes big Gulf waves. We have five family beach vacation tips to ensure your holiday is as fun-filled and mishap-free as possible.

  1. Be wary of water conditions.

Water conditions tend to dictate if you will spend the day in the Gulf water, the waterfall pool, fountain pool, or Aqualand. Every day our beach care services set the flags according to the condition of the Gulf. The flags range from green (low hazard) to double red (water closed), to name a few. A strong undertow or large waves can be pretty scary; no matter your age, check the Gulf flag chart on your dresser so you can plan the day with your family.

  1. Apply sunscreen before and after reaching the beach.

You've packed the beach bag with towels, toys, hats, snacks, and sunscreen. But before you head out the door, be sure to slather your family with sunblock. Once you reach the beach, your kids will be antsy to jump in the water, and getting them covered won't be easy. Or, you might be so busy that you forget this critical step. It's important to remember to apply sun protection beforehand to ward off burns. Be sure to reapply often throughout the day, especially after sweating and swimming in the pool or Gulf.

  1. Beach Toys are a must.

A handy and helpful tip we have has to do with beach toys. Panama City Beach is a beach town, and one thing there is not a shortage of are beach shops. Our suggestion is to purchase your beach toys here; you can find anything you need for maximum beach fun, from sand toys and floats of all shapes and sizes; we are trying to save your car and suitcase from a lifetime of sand and salt. At the Holiday Inn Resort, we loan you beach toys at the towel desk on the pool deck. Our Tropical Market on the property also carries floats, beach toys, and even beach towels. 

  1. Drink water and other hydrating beverages.

Staying hydrated is especially important when you know you're going to be outside in the sun for long periods participating in activities like swimming, boogie boarding, or beach volleyball—stock up on bottled waters, coconut water, or drinks infused with electrolytes. Bring them along when you go to the beach or the pools, and make sure kids take breaks periodically to refuel.

As for mom and dad, Vacation beverages and beach-side beers are tempting, but they are dehydrating, too. If you want to indulge in an adult beverage by the Gulf, be sure to rehydrate afterward.

  1. Scope out fun away from the beach.

Panama  City Beach is usually sunny and warm; however, inclement weather can strike anytime. Check the weather forecast the week before your departure and pack and plan accordingly. Even if clear skies are in the forecast, We suggest bringing along a couple of board games and cards to entertain the family in case of unexpected stormy weather.

You might scope out indoor activities in Panama City Beach if sunburn, beach boredom, or bad weather strikes. Knowing where to go to play indoors will come in handy in case the fair-weather gods do not shine upon your vacation. Explore options like Kartona-indoor go-karts, The Grand movie theater, and Just Jump-trampoline park, to name a few options.




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